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Watch this page for the most recently posted chord sheets. Access it from the Home page-New Stuff menu, and use it to navigate to this page, for the most recently posted songs. If you have any requests for songs you wish to learn, let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.

The entire Hymns page is new, so enjoy the songs listed there. You can download PDFs of the songs, and print them for your use in church or anywhere.

New Stuff

New Hymnal Chord Sheets

Drums/ Percussion
Drums N Percussion drums percussion

Rhythm is the heartbeat of music. Find out about the many ways it is created, and how YOU can create it. You just might be surprised!


Bass is also critical to rhythm, and is produced by different means. Learn about the different types of basses, and how to use them.


Playing guitar is a 'love affair' that most people don't understand. In this realm we'll discuss the limitless possibilities using different types of guitars.


Explore the world of keyboard instruments, from Piano to Organ, Synthesizer to accordian! Ever heard of a Harpsichord?

Brass N' Wood
Brass N Wood

You don't need a full Orchestra to use Brass or Woodwind instruments in your church band. Discover ways to use and not to use them!


The string section of an Orchrstra adds beauty beyond description. This too can be achieved with a little creativity and a small budget.


You can be a vocalist! Open this treasure chest of resources to find out how to bring out the best in your voice, and the voices of others.

Other Stuff

Learn about instruments you've never heard of, can't describe, or wouldn't know what to do with if you had one.